I fondly remembered one of my aunt’s recipes for a hot sauce she always made to accompany meat, poultry fish and vegetables




I have long been influenced by the home cooked food growing up in Trinidad. In particular, my Aunt who made homemade sauces was a big contributor to the type of food that I enjoy. I fondly remembered one of my aunt’s recipes for a sauce she always made to accompany meats, poultry, fish and vegetables. Scotch Bonnet Peppers were the base of the sauce, and she would change the pepper content depending on the heat she wanted to acquire. Variations of the sauce would be made for gatherings and occasions where it always went down extremely well.


Within the family, recipes were only passed to the girls in each generation. This recipe was passed from my Aunt to my daughter Polly in 2001 - however, the recipe was lost for many years.


Then on a break to Trinidad & Tobago in 2015, this recipe was found and again shared with me (via my daughter).

I have now created Authentic Products Limited, which will produce my auntie’s recipe (improved with Polly’s added ingredients) plus two new variations. The sauces will have differing heat levels ranging from a mild sauce, through medium hot to seriously hot.

I hope the flavour and natural ingredients will attract significant interest in these sauces, created to enliven food not numb the taste buds.